Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Chase and Cole have had a pretty busy weekend. Cole learned to ride a bike (Chase's old bike) by himself this weekend. Audrey and Kristen came over to play on Saturday, and they played outside basically the whole time. When they first got here, Cole could only pedal a few feet before someone would have to give him a push to get him going again. By the time they left, he was pedaling in circles around the courtyard. He fell more than a few times, but didn't get discouraged. He was doing ok riding by himself, but he and Chase would get their training wheels tangled up and Cole would hit the ground. I'm going to have to get this one a helmet, I can tell....
Today Chase went to his friend Brennan's grandparent's house (Brennan is in Chase's class and his grandparents live in our neighborhood). They had a waterslide for the kids, which Chase was really excited about -- until he got up there. He would climb up, look down, and then climb back down. He did slide down 2 or 3 times, but then he decided that it just wasn't for him and he never went up again. He had a good time, though. While we were there, Cole went on a bicycle tour of the neighborhood. Apparently, he and Charles made their way up and down the street a few times. I'll try to get pictures of him riding the bike tomorrow -- he's so proud of himself. Chase is riding his bike again too (Charles put the training wheels back on since Chase was refusing to try to ride without them).
This afternoon was John's 2nd birthday party. The kids had a great time there too. John got a swingset for his birthday, and so the kids spent pretty much the entire party outside. Chase really loves swinging, and today he was practicing jumping off while swinging really high. He kept wanting me to take pictures of him in mid-air. It took quite a few tries, and I never really got a good one. Cole went on the swing a few times, but mostly he wanted to climb the rope ladder or rock wall and then slide down. I got some pretty cute pictures of Cole and John today -- most of them are from the back, but they're cute because they happened to be wearing matching outfits today (Cole's has a tractor on the front and John's has Elmo, but from the back they're the same).

After the day they had today, they better sleep tonight...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brotherly Love

Chase decided to help Cole learn to ride a bike this weekend. He's completely ignoring his own bike after convincing Charles to take the training wheels off. He was excited to learn, right up until his dad let go of the back of the bike and he fell. So now he won't ride it and he's moved on to helping Cole learn to ride. Poor Cole couldn't reach the pedals and Chase was just pushing him around in circles. They had a great time.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Up and Running Again

Well, I'm up and running again -- let's see what we missed:

Chase started t-ball last week, and so far he loves it. Right now they're just practicing, no games yet. At each practice, they each take turns batting, and then once they finally hit the ball, they run the bases. To Chase, these are all home runs, and he is so proud of each home run. Once in the field, he spends a lot of time talking to his teammates.

Our bedroom furniture finally came in last week, so no more mattress on the floor! It is all hand-carved and the stain is the same almost-black stain that is on our bathroom cabinets.

John came over to play with us this afternoon, and he and Cole had a great time. Everyone shared and played very well.