Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Games

Chase is home sick today. He's spent almost the whole day on the computer playing games and learning how to email. He loves checking his email, so I've been in the living room on my laptop and he's been on his computer in his room and we've been emailing each other all day.


Chase & Cole had their first sleepover with friends Saturday night. John (2 1/2) and Connor (3 months) came to spend the night so their mom & dad could go to a party. I wasn't sure how Cole would react, since he tends to be a little hesitant to share his mommy and his toys, but he did well. Chase was thrilled to finally be having a sleepover at his house. Chase, John, and Cole set up an air mattress and sleeping bags on the floor of Cole's room and never made a sound once the lights were off. When I peeked in around 8:30, Chase and John were asleep, but Cole's little head popped up as soon as I walked in. He didn't say anything, but within 5 minutes, he had snuck into our room and was in bed with his dad.

Here is Cole telling Connor how things work in his house:

Cole & John in their jammies with their sock monkeys having milk and watching dinosaur movies before bed (the sock monkeys were the source of a few disputes involving a great deal of monkey tail-pulling until I showed the boys the difference between their monkeys):

Cole & John playing in Cole's room Sunday morning (keeping a close eye on their respective monkeys):

Hanging out on the couch Sunday morning. Cole is watching the dinosaurs AGAIN, and John is keeping a lookout for his mom & dad. John did fine overnight, but once I told him his mom & dad were on their way, he didn't take his eyes off the front door.

Finally, John and Connor sent these beautiful flowers after their visit:

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Stowaway

Tonight Chase & Cole were happily watching a dinosaur movie on their little dvd player after TaeKwonDo. I passed by the room and noticed something looked a little "off." Took me a minute to realize we had a stowaway in the house. He must have snuck in when Charles and Cole got home. I did let him finish the movie before evicting him.