Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Chase & Cole had their first sleepover with friends Saturday night. John (2 1/2) and Connor (3 months) came to spend the night so their mom & dad could go to a party. I wasn't sure how Cole would react, since he tends to be a little hesitant to share his mommy and his toys, but he did well. Chase was thrilled to finally be having a sleepover at his house. Chase, John, and Cole set up an air mattress and sleeping bags on the floor of Cole's room and never made a sound once the lights were off. When I peeked in around 8:30, Chase and John were asleep, but Cole's little head popped up as soon as I walked in. He didn't say anything, but within 5 minutes, he had snuck into our room and was in bed with his dad.

Here is Cole telling Connor how things work in his house:

Cole & John in their jammies with their sock monkeys having milk and watching dinosaur movies before bed (the sock monkeys were the source of a few disputes involving a great deal of monkey tail-pulling until I showed the boys the difference between their monkeys):

Cole & John playing in Cole's room Sunday morning (keeping a close eye on their respective monkeys):

Hanging out on the couch Sunday morning. Cole is watching the dinosaurs AGAIN, and John is keeping a lookout for his mom & dad. John did fine overnight, but once I told him his mom & dad were on their way, he didn't take his eyes off the front door.

Finally, John and Connor sent these beautiful flowers after their visit:

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