Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Models are so temperamental...

Just in case she forgets her name...

A New Dress

Chloe and I had a little fashion show this afternoon. After the black sheep tutu, we tried on another outfit (Thanks Jane & Salinda!).

Chloe was still tolerating me at this point, but her patience was starting to wear thin.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Our friend Salinda made Chloe this adorable onesie and tutu. It's the black sheep from the Brown Bear book by Eric Carle. Brown Bear was one of our most read books when Chase & Cole were little, and one of their favorite ones to "read" themselves (they both had it memorized pretty early on). Thanks Salinda, Chloe (and I!) love it!


A friend of Nana's made this Raggedy Ann doll for me when I was a baby. Chloe always looks at Raggedy Ann on top of her dresser while I rock her, so I decided to get her down and see what Chloe thought of her up close. I think she likes her.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Dressed Up

I'm thinking she doesn't care for the hat...

Heading out to his Last Swim Team Practice

The Bunny

Chloe absolutely loves this bunny blanket she got from Jack & Sloan. It rides in her carseat with her at all times and she loves to suck on the ears and rub them on her face. (I never said it was normal, it's just cute.)

Cole Needed a Photo Shoot Too


Snug as a Bug

Despite my previous comments, Chloe does actually sleep at night (it's during the day that she's miserable). But, in order to get her to sleep at night, she absolutely has to have her pink swaddling blanket - I'm convinced that any other color just wouldn't do. If it's dirty, we have to delay bedtime until it's been washed and dried. I really should invest in a spare, I guess. Anyway, here she is all wrapped up like a little pink burrito, ready for bed.

Sleeping Beauty

Now here's a sight we don't see every day around here:

You are getting sleepy...

The boys are really good with Chloe, but I guess even they can only take so much crying. A couple of weeks ago, I came into the living room and found Chase standing in front of Chloe swinging a pocket watch. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was trying to hypnotize her to put her to sleep. I started to explain to him that that wouldn't work, but then figured, what the heck -- it might work, and I'm tired of the crying too.
A few days later, I found Cole standing in front of a screaming Chloe in the swing, desperately repeating "Simon says 'Go to SLEEP'!" I guess he figured if he said "Simon Says," she'd have to do it.
I guess now we've truly tried everything, and she still doesn't sleep.