Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Make Chase Laugh

All it takes to crack Chase up is the word "butt."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chase's Last Soccer Game

Saturday was Chase's last soccer game. He really improved a lot over the course of this season. At the beginning, he would usually just run (trot) along with everyone else and not really try to get at the ball. At some point, I (an obvious front-runner for mother-of-the-year) realized that he was wearing shoes that were WAY too small for him and that might have been slowing him down (His school uniform shoes were an 11.5, and despite the fact that he'd been complaining for a while that they were too tight, he just got them in August, so I assumed that they were fine and that he just wanted new shoes. When his complaints got more and more frequent, I had his feet measured and he needed a 3 XW. I'm surprised he could walk at all (I envision him walking with his toes curled under his feet.) Now, in my defense, his soccer shoes were a super roomy size 1, but I still think they may have hindered his running a little. Once we took care of the shoe situation, his speed on the soccer field increased dramatically.)

He scored his first goal of the season at his second-to-last game, and was really excited about his last game on Saturday. Unfortunately, the other team didn't show up, so our boys just had to split up and play against each other. I thought he would be really disappointed, but they got trophies and cupcakes after the "game," and that seemed to fix everything.

Now we start swim team. He is still insisting he doesn't want to do it (which only came up after I registered him), so we'll just have to see how that goes...