Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dino Wars

I have never seen an imagination quite like Cole's. When Chase was younger, he always wanted us to play with his toys with him, but he rarely played with them by himself. Cole can keep himself entertained with his toys for a long time, and it always sounds like he's having the best time.
He has loved cars, trucks, tractors, and trains since he was very little, but his current obsession is dinosaurs. He has a collection of dinos from very large to small that he plays with ALL the time. He lines them up by type of dinosaur and then by size, names them, and then, of course, they fight.
Cole makes up stories about his dinosaurs all the time. He will run into the kitchen screaming hysterically while I'm cooking dinner, saying that he's being chased by a sharptooth (T-Rex) and he needs me to knock it over with my tail. In his game, I am apparently a longneck and have a long heavy tail that can knock a t-rex over. He won't give up until I swat at the air with my imaginary tail, slaying the sharptooth. I swing my tail around a few times to stop the shrieking, eliciting cheers from Cole and an eyeroll and a heavy sigh from Chase. At age 6, he already finds my antics embarrassing. He's going to make a lovely teenager.
Anyway, here he is lining them up (ignore the floors - something is broken on my camera and it gives the appearance of poor housekeeping):

A close-up of the dinosaurs (and their cousin, the dragon):

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