Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celebrating the King of the Lawn Mower

Sunday, for Father's Day, Chase and Cole got up VERY early and were ready to start celebrating. We ran to pick up doughnuts and chocolate milk (that's what the boys insisted their dad would want) before he woke up, and they made cards for him. They also made him a crown out of grass-patterned paper (because he's the king of the lawn mower) and they made little crowns to put on his doughnuts.
Then, being boys, they took him to Hooter's for lunch (when Chase was little, I went out of town for work and Charles brought him to Hooter's for dinner. Chase thinks it's THE best restaurant ever because they gave him a balloon). I thought he should wear his crown to Hooter's, but the boys didn't want it to get damaged and he conveniently "forgot" it at home. Some pics:

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