Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Almost Vacation

Charles has a friend with a condo in Gulf Shores who has been offering to let us use it for quite a while now. A few weeks ago, we tried to take him up on it. We picked the kids up from school early on a Friday, turned on their dvd player, and headed to Alabama. Stopped along the way for beach toys, and made it to the condo way before dark, ready to hit the beach. The condo was great, and the kids had a great time playing on the beach (Chase has only been to a beach once, and Cole has never been before). Chase played in the waves and found seashells. Cole, who is scared of the water, made sand castles and sand angels (like snow angels, but in the sand -- he did this all by himself, it cracked me up). Wish I'd had my camera on the beach, but I left it in the room. We brought the kids to Lambert's for dinner, and of course nothing makes boys happier than a restaurant where they throw food at you.

The next morning, we woke up and turned on the TV and found out that the tropical storm which we hadn't really been worried about getting to Alabama for a few days was now expected to hit later Saturday. We brought the kids to the beach for a few hours before packing up. They had a great time on the beach that morning, burying each other in the sand and collecting shells. Cole got brave and actually went into the water (clinging to me). I really liked it better when there was at least one thing on Earth Cole was afraid of. But anyway, they had a great time. They could see fish swimming around their feet and got a huge kick out of trying to catch them. A lady walking down the beach gave the kids a hermit crab she had found. They insisted that he was their new pet, and since we were cutting the trip short and had an empty aquarium at home, we let them bring him. Chase wanted to name him Sandy, Cole wanted to name him Rocketshippy, so they decided to name him Sandy Rocketshippy.

Saturday around 10am we put the kids (and Sandy Rocketshippy) in the car, pressed play on the dvd player, and discovered it's broken. VERY long car ride home. Once we got home, we dug around in the cabinets, discovered we actually own hermit crab food (purchased for a captive lizard a long time ago), and set Sandy Rocketshippy up in the aquarium. Unfortunately, Sandy Rocketshippy left us a few days later for that big sandcastle in the sky, and the kids are back to trying to domesticate frogs and lizards.

Here are a few pictures from our trip:
Notice how Cole's feet aren't touching the ground. Cole's feet never touch the ground. He is ALWAYS in motion.
And here's Chase chilling out on the balcony. He loved it out there (as long as he wasn't too close to the railing).

Hopefully we can go back sometime and stay a little longer than 18 hours.

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