Monday, April 30, 2007

Computer is Down...

Well, my home computer crashed over the weekend and all I get is the blue screen of death when I turn it on now, so there'll be no new pictures for a while. I had some good ones, too. I bought an external hard drive on Friday and attempted to back up my pictures because my computer was acting funny. The crash happened in the middle of all that. I think I got them backed up before it crashed, but I'm not sure.

I took Cole to the dentist this morning to have him check out the chipped teeth. He doesn't think the chips reached the nerve layer and said they don't feel loose, so we just have to go back if they start to change color. I'm not sure why Cole had to fast -- they didn't do any x-rays or even sand down the chipped teeth like they said they would have to; they basically just looked at his teeth and poked at them a little.

Chase starts T-ball tomorrow. I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures, but unless the computer fairy visits my house between now and then, I won't be able to post them.

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