Friday, September 14, 2007

Mustang (well, sort of) Sally

Cole has an imaginary friend. I discovered this yesterday when I sat on her. Her name is Sally and she's a camel (seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.).
So all night last night, Cole kept climbing into my chair with me and making me scoot all the way over to one side so that he could pat on the chair and call Sally until she "hopped" up and sat with us. Cole had to stand in the chair instead of sitting because if he sat, there was no room for Sally, and I had to sit with my arms crossed over my chest to make more room. Every once in a while he would shriek that Sally needed to "get down" because ninjas were coming (long story, but Chase is a ninja for halloween and has been tip-toeing around the house in his hood carrying his sword and attacking out of nowhere. I think Cole has some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder from all the sneak attacks).
Anyway, Sally didn't appear to be with us anymore this morning. I don't know if he's forgotten about her already or if he lost her to a ninja attack and just isn't up to talking about it yet, but if she sticks around much longer we're going to have to get her her own chair.

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