Monday, September 3, 2007

Silver, the Humpless Camel

This weekend at the camp, Chase and Cole got to spend a little time with Silver the horse. They brought out the bag of horse treats and fed him way too many. Watching them feed him was hilarious. Both of them were really eager to feed him, but as soon as he would reach for the treat, they would jump back and drop it. Then they'd pick it up and try again. At one point, I guess Silver got tired of the foolishness and he reached through the fence and grabbed the whole bag and pulled it over to his side of the fence.
Chase is pretty used to horses since he took riding lessons for a year or so, but Cole hasn't had any real experience with them. Every time he'd see Silver, he'd start squealing with excitement. Cole kept running around, showing off for Silver. There were lots of ant piles along the fence line, so every few minutes one of us would get into the ants and we'd have to stop and take off our socks and shoes and do the ant dance. Anyway, after I stood in the ants twice, I'd had enough, so I dragged Chase and Cole back into the house. All the way in, Cole kept wailing incoherently about talking to a camel. I figured I was misunderstanding him. Anyway, when we went back out later, he said - perfectly clearly - I want to feed the camel. So I asked him which camel and he said "Silver." I explained to him (without giggling too much) that Silver was a horse. He said "Ohhhhh," nodding very seriously. I explained that camels have humps and that Silver didn't have a hump. He seemed to accept this explanation. Later on when we were inside and the kids were playing with playdoh, Cole brought me some playdoh and said he wanted to make Silver a hump out of playdoh. He's definitely a problem-solver...

Here's Chase, Cole, Mrs. Mary Grace, Sasha, Little Bit, Tootsie, and Silver. The dogs knew there were treats being handed out and wanted in on the action.

Once I told Cole we couldn't go back to see Silver because he had too many ant bites already, he decided to outsmart the ants and take Chase's 4-wheeler to go see the camel.

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