Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of 2nd Grade

Poor Chase almost missed his first day of 2nd grade because his sleep-deprived mom apparently can't read. For who knows how long, I've had Chase's first day on my calendar as Wednesday August 19. Luckily, I ran into someone on Saturday who mentioned Monday to me and, when I insisted that school doesn't start until Wednesday, pulled out the school calendar and showed me. I didn't even have his uniform shoes yet. We ran a few last minute errands yesterday, and by this morning he was good to go.

Chase was pretty eager to go back to school today. I had to keep resetting his alarm for 6am, because he kept insisting he wanted to get up earlier and changing it. I even got him to pose for a few pictures AND I can even see a dimple in one of them!

Cole starts on Friday (I'm gonna double-check the date), but he's not so eager. All of his friends from last year are in the other pre-K class, including his Caroline (Caroline is the little girl from his class who he got in "trouble" for kissing last year and who he calls "my Caroline"). He didn't even want to look around his classroom on Saturday; he just kept saying "these aren't my friends." Knowing Cole, he'll get over it quickly once he actually starts.

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