Monday, August 3, 2009

You Can Never Have Too Many Tutus

After our friend made Chloe her first tutu, I decided to try to make one on my own. Chloe & I went to the store and found tulle to be fifty percent off, so I bought a few colors to start off with. My first attempt didn't turn out quite right, as I forgot that elastic stretches and ended up with a tutu that would probably be too big for Chase to wear (that's the peachy pink tutu in the Temperamental Model picture). My second attempt fits her much better. Here she is in it - see how happy she looks in it?
Our next tutu will be purple and gold for football season. I'll post pictures when we get that one finished. There may even be a bedazzled onesie to go with it.

Now, it has been suggested that I'm a little out of control here. I reject this suggestion. With tulle so inexpensive, there's just no limit to how many tutus I, I mean Chloe, can or should have.

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