Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chase's Higher-Tech Bird Trap

Last year I posted about a bird trap Chase built in the backyard. It was a propped up box with a string attached, and he hid nearby waiting for a bird to enter his trap.
This weekend, he got a little more high-tech in his endeavors. He and Papa built a new bird trap, and Chase couldn't be prouder. He tells anyone who'll listen how he drilled the holes and hammered the nails in all by himself. Papa made the trigger, but Chase is an expert at getting the pieces to fit together just right to prop the trap up. While we were still in Natchitoches, he caught a squirrel twice, but the squirrel found a way out before he could get to him both times. We haven't caught anything at home yet, even with half a loaf of bread and quite a bit of birdseed in the trap. He and Cole are having a great time sitting in their fort watching and waiting, though.

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