Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Went on down to the Audubon Zoo...

The day before Easter, we brought the kids to the zoo. It had been a few years since Chase had been there, and Cole had never been to a zoo, so we figured they were due for a trip. When we got there and they gave us a map of the zoo, Chase immediately commandeered the map and started plotting out our course. I think he felt like he had to, since it had taken us 3 hours to get to the zoo with Charles navigating (Charles refused to drive over the Huey P Long bridge, and we weren't really sure how to get there, so we toured pretty much all of New Orleans before finally stumbling upon the zoo). Turns out Chase was more interested in following the map than seeing the animals. He'd race from one point on the map to the next, but once we got there, he barely glanced at the animals before trying to move us along to our next stop (think Clark Griswold at the Grand Canyon). He didn't have much patience for my picture-taking, but I did insist on a few pictures:

Chase & Cole posing with the flamingos:

Seeing how they measure up to a bear. Cole had considerably more enthusiasm for this than Chase (I'm fairly certain if Chase had been an actual bear, he would have bitten me for making him take this dumb picture, but being a 6 year old boy, he just glared at me and raised his imaginary paws half-heartedly), but I do have a picture of Chase at about Cole's age doing the same growl in front of the same bear cutout. When I can get my hands on it, I'll post that one too:

Petting a snake in the petting zoo:

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