Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Under the Sea

Last Saturday we brought the kids to the aquarium with some friends. Chase had no map this time, so he was a much more relaxed traveler and posed for some pictures for me.

It was feeding time for the sting rays, and the kids really enjoyed watching the divers feed them lettuce. Well, my kids did anyway. Our friends' kids (not quite 2 year old twins) have been watching Finding Nemo lately and thought the diver was there to take Nemo away, and they were NOT pleased to see him.

Cole and Chase posing in the shark's mouth (I have a picture of Chase posing in this same spot when he was about 2; if I can find it I'll add it in here):

Can't see Cole in this one because he's not quite tall enough, but Chase LOVES the aquarium that you can crawl into:

Petting a shark (Chase petted the shark too, but I couldn't snap a picture in the split-second his hand was in the water):

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