Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Zoo Tales

At the petting zoo, Cole spotted a rabbit and, since it was the day before Easter, kept trying to ask it if it knew the Easter Bunny (and could put in a good word for him). I explained to him that those were NOT chocolate eggs the rabbit was leaving behind and that it appeared the rabbit needed some private time, but he kept going back to it.

Even while playing, Chase keeps consulting his map:

With all there is to do at the zoo, the kids still love the playground:

Notice the little face peeping out to the left? They chased each other around this statue for quite some time:

Everyone had a great time at the zoo, although we didn't get to see everything since we got there so late, so Chase is already lobbying to go back next weekend. And of course he knows exactly what he wants to see and in what order and has already charted his course on the map.

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