Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cole runs out of gas, Part II

Cole's misadventures today topped yesterday's. He and Chase were playing in the courtyard and I ran inside to go to the bathroom. When I stepped back outside, Cole had the container of weed killer that I had just put down in the storage room and was spraying our gardenias. Chase had watched the whole thing and was able to tell us exactly which plants had been sprayed and that Cole had not sprayed himself. Sure would have been nice if he had stopped him instead of just standing there watching. Cole just kept pointing to the gardenias and saying "I spray that weed." The weed killer is non-toxic and is now safely out of his reach, but Cole may have to get a part time job to buy mom some new plants.

Tonight I was trying to finish up a report before giving Chase & Cole their baths and putting them to bed. At about 8:30, I realized the house was too quiet. Given Cole's strawberry milk episode yesterday and the weed episode today, I figured I'd better investigate. Chase had fallen asleep watching football with Charles, and Cole was on the couch like this (probably just now coming down from his strawberry milk high).

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