Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Con Artist

Yesterday afternoon when we got home Cole asked (demanded) to watch his dinosaur movie. I turned it on for him and Chase groaned. We are all SO sick of watching this movie, but Cole is stuck on it (It's the Land Before Time, Part 5,436 or something like that). Anyway, I left the room to get something and when I came back in, I could hear Chase "negotiating" with Cole to change the movie. This is what I heard:

Chase: (in a syrupy-sweet voice) Cole, how about we watch some other really cool show?
Cole: No. Me watch dinosaurs, Chase.
Chase: But Cole, you got to choose yesterday and now it's my turn.
Cole: NO. We watch DINOSAURS, Chase.
Chase: Well, how about if we flip a coin to see who gets to choose?
Cole: Ok, Chase!
Chase: Ok Cole, I'll flip this gold pirate coin. See it? Heads I win, Tails you lose.
Cole: OK!

As you may have guessed, Cole somehow managed to lose this coin toss. He took it like a good sport. I still declined to change the movie for my little con artist. Anyway, just a heads up -- if Chase offers to sell you some oceanfront property, run the other way.

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