Saturday, October 6, 2007


After TKD, we went to McDonalds and then to a picnic at Chase's school. They had jumphouses, face painting, tug of war, egg-spoon races, 3-legged races, water balloon tosses, and a train for the kids to ride. Cole did a little of everything. He and Chase were partners for the 3-legged race, and they did pretty well. Cole came in dead last in the egg-spoon race, but he didn't drop he egg until he crossed the finish line. He did, however, pick up and eat a raw egg that someone else had dropped. We washed off his tongue and he got over it pretty quickly. Didn't learn his lesson, though. He kept trying to eat every one he saw. The water balloon toss quickly deteriorated into a water balloon massacre, but they had fun. Everyone (including mom) had a nice long nap once we got home.

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